FPGA Services


Verisense provides a range of solutions focused around ASICs and FPGAs. We bring the best of Israeli engineering to our customers world-wide. We are professionals. We are proud of our work and bring you the highest quality solutions available. We believe in correct-by-design implementations, and have built one of the strongest teams in the world in advanced verification methodologies and solutions.

Our services are focused on four three key areas:

  • ASIC development services from concept to silicon
  • FPGA development services
  • DO-254 certification platforms and services

FPGA Services

Verisense offers full FPGA development services from concept through design and verification to final product. We are true professionals and our engineering is uncompromising.

If you are a systems company who needs to develop an FPGA but have limited expertise in FPGA development, Verisense is your perfect partner. We will take full responsibility for your FPGA design. We will sit with your engineering staff and work with you on the requirements, schedule and tradeoffs in your solution. We will then propose the best approach, architecture, and target platform for your project, and a complete development schedule to the final FPGA delivery and integration into your system.

If you are an experienced FPGA design house and do not have sufficient resources on-hand, Verisense can augment your staff and deliver any subset of your design.

If you are an ASIC design house and need help with FPGA prototyping, with our strong background in both ASICs and FPGAs, Verisesnse is your perfect partner.

We understand the importance to our customers of retaining their intellectual property. A built in part of our methodology is to conduct customer reviews at pre-defined stages of the project, and to document our work such that our customers get visibility into the design and have the ability to reuse our design in future generations regardless of our future involvement in the project.

Advanced Verification for FPGAs

With our strong background in advanced verification methodologies for ASICs (UVM System Verilog) we believe there is huge value to our customers to utilize these advanced methodologies also for their FPGAs. Using these methodologies the customer gets a true correct-by-design FPGA, a complete automated coverage report, and a much quicker, more predictable, and less painful bring-up process in the lab.

The use of advanced verification methodologies in FPGAs is becoming more of the norm, but is not yet pervasive in the industry. We have demonstrated through multiple customers FPGA projects the value to our customers in the use of advanced verification methodologies. We would be happy to illustrate this to you.